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Below are the anthologies you can find some of my short stories and flash fiction in as well as those of many other great authors.

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Wither and Bloom:

An Anthology (Black and Gold Anthologies)


A diverse collection of flash fiction, short stories, and poetry, Wither and Bloom explores the choice to love through trials and storms in all seasons of life—from new loves, lives built together, and long-lasting romances, to platonic love between family, friends, and strangers.

Within these pages, you'll be swept off your feet and transported to the worlds of…

A man and his wife who turned into vampires at age eighty-five. An EMT who chooses to save a child despite the life-altering consequences. A fae who doesn't take kindly to an arranged marriage with a human prince. The children that throw wrenches into even the most stable relationships. The man made of stone who falls in love with a woman that has her own stone walls. The post-it notes that keep spouses tethered during their busy lives.

In the midst of diagnoses, loss, misunderstandings, hurt, and everyday wear and tear, love is a daily choice.

"Wither and Bloom lives up to the name—each piece is unquestionably heartfelt and undeniably unique, yet the message is a thread through every page: love is many things but always, always, love is valuable and worth treasuring." Brittany Eden, Author of the Heartbooks Series

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The Lotus Chronicles

I am currently revamping all of my books and hope to republish them soon. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on social media for all the exciting updates and book news.

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The Lotus Chronicles

A collection of Short Stories and Flash Fiction

This is a collection of all my short stories and flash fiction related to The Lotus Chronicles. Get this collection free when you sign up for my Newsletter.


The Guilded

Book One of The Lotus Chronicles

In a world where Guilds rule by fear and intimidation, a Guild Master visits Lark Nightingale on the night of her father’s death. Lark must learn to trust the Guild Master’s of The Lotus Guild if she has any hope of remembering her past and learning how they are connected to her father. However, with a killer hunting the Lotus lands will she remember her past before she becomes the next victim?

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