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A Tale from The Lotus Chronicles

   A high pitch squeal drew his attention to the flower laden meadow. Ms. Margret skipped through the wild chives and daisies after her daughter. Birdie ran toward him, her hands full of daisies and dandelions, her eyes a deep purple with her excitement.

   The little girl laughed and shrieked in mock terror. “Shiro, save me!”

   Shiro searched for something to use as a play sword and grabbed his crutch. Birdie threw herself onto his chest, laughing and squealing. He spun the crutch to intercept Ms. Margret. “Halt vile dragoness, what pre-tell have you to do with this child?”

   Margret came to a smooth stop, her blonde hair wild about her. Her dragon-kin eyes were a deep blue today. “Stay your blade, most valiant knight, for I only wish to tickle her.”

   Shiro lowered his crutch and shrugged. “Oh well, if that’s all.”

   Birdie squealed as her mother pounced and Shiro allowed the tickling attack. Ms. Margret wasn’t content to only tickle Birdie though, and soon Shiro was crying and laughing under the woman’s merciless attack. Eventually the older woman relented and let them breathe.

   Birdie’s head came up, her sun kissed hair as wild as her mothers. She looked around. “Oh no, Shiro’s flowers!”

   Shiro looked about at the scattered bouquet the little girl had been holding. “Were those for me?”

   She nodded her little head.

   “Oh, I’m sorry, dove.” Margret picked up a daisy. She gave them a sly smile. “I think your valiant knight needs a crown. Don’t you?”

   “Yes!” Birdie sprang to her feet and set about gathering the scattered flowers.

   Shiro righted himself and leaned against the tree. He smiled, content to watch Birdie make him a crown of dandelions. He’d break his leg all over again if it meant he could have more days like this.

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