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A Tale from The Scattered Shards

   “Tensions are rising between the Blood-kin and the Fauna.” Lydia folded the clean bed linen and placed it back in the closet.

   Andre busied himself packing their gear. His mentor's words worried him. He knew little of the politics of this world, but even he knew of the long-standing feud between the Blood-kin and the Fauna. If war broke out, it would mean a lot of work for the Wildlings. As the next Ancient of the Wildling race, his people would look to him for guidance. He wasn’t even two centuries old. How could he lead them in such a situation?

   Lydia patted his shoulder. “Do not fear, young one. I mention it only so you are aware, but a full war between them is still centuries in the future. We will turn our feet toward the Blood-kin and see if the Creator wishes us to mediate this issue or if that is a task for someone else.”

   “But what if our path takes us elsewhere?” Andre asked.

   Lydia shrugged her bone thin shoulders. “Our path will take us where we are most needed. It is when we dare chose our own path that the world falls to ruin. The creator made us Wildlings for a particular purpose. He gave us the wanderlust to ensure that we accomplish that purpose. Stick to your path young one and you need not worry for the future.”

   “Yes, ma’am.” Andre shouldered both their packs as Lydia blew out the last candle. He took a deep breath and concentrated on his magic to see what direction his wanderlust would take him. As they left the way-station, he took Lydia’s arm to help the elder traverse their path. The Creator was in control. Andre did not need to fear the future, just trust his Creator.

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