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Bravery manifests in so many ways. It’s not always facing a hail of bullets as you single-handedly save your battalion from Axis forces. No shade on Sargent York. What he did was pretty incredible. But sometimes bravery comes in getting out of bed in the morning, even when everything hurts. Even when the world has turned dark because the one you love has hurt you. Sometimes it’s standing up to a bully. Sometimes it’s continuing to do what you know is right, even when the world says otherwise.

Everyone is facing hardships every day. Some days are better than others, but even on the good days, the shadow of the bad days may hang over you like a shroud. But you get up and you live your life, anyway. You go about your day and you do what has to be done, because what else is there? Giving up? Sometimes this is the only alternative, but you want to know what the brave thing to do is? To continue. To take the hard path. To stand up and say, not today. And this, this my friend, is what it means to be brave. To see the light at the end of the path and to continue on no matter what, because you know it will be worth it. Because you know quitting is not an option, not when the reward is so much better.

So keep pressing on, my friends. Keep facing the hardships life throws at you. Because I know you’re brave enough for them. I know that if you call on him, God will give you the strength to see this life through to the end and he will be there when your path ends, ready to welcome you into his arms. So, lean on him, my friends. He’s got you.

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