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Today’s the day!

My story The Book of Life is out now on! This bittersweet story is free for today only and then it will go behind Havok’s paywall, so be sure to follow the link to their website and give it a read before time runs out. If you like the story please let me know by leaving a comment below the story, not only does it go a long way to encourage me to continue writing, but it also lets Havok know how loved this story is, which in turn increases my chances of getting into their bi-annual anthology. Even if you aren’t a member of their site you can still leave a comment as a guest by filling out the form there. It just might take a second before it appears.

Now for those who are curious what this story is about, here’s a little blurb I came up with for it. Also, I have a short video on Instagram and Facebook that gives all the vibes, so if you want to share this story with others, please hop over there and click the share button so that other people will know how precious life is and that no moment is ever wasted.

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