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Monster Smash

She looked him in the eye. “Maybe we shouldn’t over think things. Just take each moment as it comes and try not to put any meaning behind it or make assumptions.”

He reached out and took her hand, the tightness in his shoulders relaxing at her touch. She was more than a friend to him. He didn’t know when she’d become more, just that she was. His eyes dropped to the curve of her lips and he–

A draft blew in through the chimney and smothered the fire before twisting about the cabin and stealing the light from every candle. The sound of shuffling steps followed by metal scraping stone could be heard approaching the cabin. The door creaked as it swung open, and a mis-happen figure stepped inside. Moonlight glinted off sharp, croaked teeth. The creature turned toward the chair before the fireplace and raised his axe. It had been an age since he’d feasted on the flesh of a young maiden. His stomach grumbled with anticipation.

A shadow moved away from the window, casting moonlight on the open book as it rested in the empty chair. The creature blinked in confusion. He could smell the woman in the chair, but his eyes could not find her.

Sharp pain exploded in his back and the creature dropped to the floor, his axe falling from his hand. Emma wiped the blade of her dagger on her apron as she watched the creature die in agony. She sighed and looked wistfully at her book. Figured the blasted beast would show up right when the story was getting good. Now she had a mess to clean up and probably wouldn’t get back to it until morning.

She placed her hands on her hips and glared at the creature as the light faded from its eyes. “That was much too quick a death for the high crime of disturbing a woman while she’s reading.”

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